Hello and welcome to our site!

We are a small, independent game development company devoted to making the best games we can. This company was started in 2017 by a couple of guys with big dreams. We both grew up in different generations but met each other doing what we love most in life; playing games!

When done well, games provide a way of escaping our general perceptions and immersing ourselves in another reality. This reality can often be relatable in its stories, characters, and situations. Through this, games have the ability to inspire, teach, question, and impact the way we view the world. The realization of this concept is why this company exists.

It is our goal to make games capable of touching the lives of others. We want to deliver games made by gamers, for gamers. We want our games to go back to the roots of our gaming experiences. For us, that means we want our games to be fun above all else.

As we embark on this adventure together with you and grow from mobile to larger platforms, we sincerely hope that our games make it into your hearts. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us! Please enjoy our site, and happy gaming!