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Forum Code of Conduct

Post by jkellerdev » Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:43 pm

Thank you for deciding to use the Endless Nights Game Studio Forums. Please take the time to review the following code of conduct to help better the experience for yourself and other users. Remember the use of the forums is a privilege, not a right, and the administrators are within their rights to remove your use of the forums at any time.

Remember the golden rule.

Please treat others the way you would wish to be treated. We at Endless Nights Game Studio are all for joking around and debating with one another, however we ask that you keep it at a reasonable level. Keeping this in mind, any users found to be partaking in any of the following behaviors may have their account suspended / banned as per the administrative team’s discretion:

Hate Speech: Any comments/images/symbols found to promote hatred based on race/ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality.
Doxxing: Releasing any private or identifying information regarding any other member of the community.
Threats / Violence: Picking fights, threatening speech towards another user, or posting with specific intent to cause an issue with another user/group. This includes sharing images/comments with extreme violence or gore.
Explicit / NSFW Content: Pornography and / or anything considered “Not Safe For Work”. Users can come in a range of ages, and we do not wish to influence a younger audience with graphic sexual content.
Spam: Trolling, flaming, and general negativity. Posting with intent to cause unrest or insult other posters.
Impersonation: Impersonating another user, administrator, developer, and / or person(s) in general other than yourself.

Please try to remain on topic.

When posting, remember to post with purpose. We promote any form of discussion, however in threads that are meant to be serious, please refrain from derailing the conversation or posting to simply raise your post count. This helps to reduce spam and make it easier for all users to have quick access to important information.

One account, per user. That’s it.

Alternate accounts can be fun, however their purpose is malicious more often than not. Using an alternate account is typically to either spam other users or get around suspensions / bans. Creating alternate accounts can lead to extensions of suspensions or permanent bans for all accounts associated. If you would like to discuss your suspension or ban, contact the team by email at:

Confused? Contact us.

We are always happy to connect with our users. Any questions, comments, or concerns regarding anything involved in this code of conduct (or anything else related to the forums) can be directed by email at any time from your username to the administrators by using the Contact Us button at the bottom of the screen.

Thank you all for taking the time to read over the code of conduct and enjoy using the forums!

-Endless Nights Administration